NG large town
Corruption +0; Crime -1; Economy +0; Law +1; Lore +3; Society +0
Qualities academic, insular, rumormongering citizens
Danger +5
Government autocracy
Population 2,500 (2,300 humans, 60 dwarves, 40 halflings, 35 half-elves, 65 others)
Notable NPCs
Mayor Tevik Urcayn (NG fighter 6/Aristocrat 4)
Guildsmistress Bilda Keldam (LE female dwarf aristocrat 3/expert 3)
Sheriff Emyrr Vuul, “The Eye” (LN male human magus 2/ranger 2)
Base Value 2,000 gp; Purchase Limit 10,000 gp; Spellcasting 6th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 2d4; Major Items 1d4

Erdanstadt is a modest town ruled by a good-hearted mayor who cut his teeth in battle 2 decades past in the Goblinsbane War. The mayor is advised by a council of guild heads and nobles representing the interests of the people. Wile the mayor overesees the affairs of the town and sees to its common defense the sheriff holds court and maintains justice with vigilance tempered by wisdom.

The one claim to fame in Erdanstadt is the Priory of St Erd. It was established by the Abadaran saint after his service in the First Crusade against the Karnossov. The monks here belong to the St Erd’s holy Order of the Vault Stone; cloistered clergy focused on lore and learning over the more physical pursuits of other monks.

Each year the monks of the Priory hold a spring festival after the first bounty of the season can be collected. This night is known formally as The Night of the First Opening, though it is referred to by the townsfolk as Opening Night. The event commemorates the end of the winter with the practice of Sok Vissszatero; the doling out of surplus commodities the Priory has retained from the previous year. These gifts usually take the form of free beer, wine or other foodstuffs but have also in prosperous times included monies, rare herbs or grain stores.


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