A Tale of 3 Princesses

Once upon a time there were 3 fairy sisters: Titania, Mabbe, and Baba Yaga. All three were so beautiful the sun and moon rose only for them. In all the lands of the fey they were known as the Fairest. But then came the day when one of them would have to rule over their kingdom.

The 3 squabbled among themselves, each seeking the throne. Each had an equal chance to rule, and none could decide what was best, so they decided to hold a contest. Whoever was judged Fairest of them All would be queen.

They ventured all through their kingdom but everyone they met there could not decide between them. Their beauty, grace and charm were unmatched save by one another. They reveled and counseled and pleaded and demanded, but still their fairy subjects could not choose. It was then that they met a mortal man who had wandered into their court.

This man was old and infirmed. He sought only shelter for the night but somehow a storm had driven him from his own country through the night and into the fairy lands. The elder mortal had very poor eyesight and wailed over his condition.

The 3 princesses promised to restore his sight but only if he would behold them and end their contest. He promised he would be a fair and honest judge, so they cast a spell to return his vision to him. Upon seeing their unearthly beauty the old man threw himself down before them for he could not fulfill his promise.

Baba Yaga whispered promises of power and immortality if he would just choose her over the others. Mabbe whispered promises of dominion if he would just choose her over the others. But wise Titania bid him rise, take bread, and go back to his country; he was forgiven his oath to the fey.

At this he revealed himself as the king of the mortal country. He’d come to the fey realms seeking a bride and now he’d found the perfect one in Titania. Instantly he proclaimed her the Fairest and asked her to marry him then and there.

Titania was overjoyed. Her sisters fled and sowed mischief through their kingdom, trying to ruin their sister’s marriage. Mabbe felt she should be adored instead of her sister and Baba Yaga sought the power and freedom that came from ruling. In the end the union could not be stopped and the rebelious sisters were brough before their queen.

Titania knew of her sisters’ wickedness but could not destroy them for they were her kin. Instead she punished them in kind for their desires. Both would still be eternal as are the fey, but Baba Yaga would no longer be timeless and so she aged to an infirmed old crone. She was cast out of her sister’s kingdom to wander forever and never truly know a home again. Mabbe was remanded to a darkened prison where others would forever look upon her but never see her face.

And so the queen and her king lived happily ever after.

A Tale of 3 Princesses

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