Loot from the Balefire Tomb

Chest of coins: 1800 GP worth of mixed coins, including 2 mithril ingots

Books: Alchemy – no bonus; 5 GP common market/100 GP collector; Huntsman – +2 to Animal Handling of animals from around Staghorn Reach; 15 GP common market; 300 GP collector

Fur-lined cloak: Masterwork medium cloak – +2 to Survival roll against cold conditions; 105 GP

Pouch of gems: amethyst – 90 GP; quartz crystals – 5 GP ea; garnet – 550 GP; amethyst and quartz may be improved through skill

Armor: 3 sets of breastplate armor – cleaned and mended worth 125 GP ea common market; 1100 GP ea to collector

Wand: Wand of Barkskin

Backpack: Handy Haversack



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