It has been 20 years since the time of the Wilding came to an end but all of Calligorum still have reason to dread the darker bowers of the woodlands. The Eldwynn’s roots run deep throughout the land once more. The ruined remains of many settlements now lay overgrown and half consumed in the forest’s tangled grip. Nowhere else is this fear more real than in the lands of Karnoss.

In this campaign the characters will range across many of the lands of Fallen Karnoss. Their adventures will carry them through both urban and wilderness settings, through the lives of a folk at once superstitious of their powers yet desperate for their aid. While the curses of its ancient past still haunt all the regions of Karnoss it is the characters’ actions in the course of this campaign which will inevitably guide and shape their future.

- From the Karnoss Player’s Guide